A wide range of applications are available

  • Hospital & Doctors surgeries
  • Supermarkets
  • Offices
  • Airport terminals

  • Public transport & stations
  • Hotel rooms
  • Sales areas

  • Lobbies & waiting rooms

  • Taxi & Ride hailing services
rentacs dry misting machines pre sampling


The following is a breakdown of how the Rentacs Dry Misting system works. Before each treatment, swabs are taken of control surfaces such as floors, keyboards of automatic ticket dispensers, washbasin surfaces, electric hand dryer buttons and arms of benches.


Apply dry misting

Dry Misting with the disinfectant product causing the destruction of the bacterial membrane, preventing the bacteria from reproducing.

rentacs dry misting systems

The radicals liberated by the hydrogen peroxide break down the DNA, RNA and proteins of the bacteria and viruses. The small size of the compounds of the disinfectant increases the nucleation effect in the cytoplasm of micro organisms.

This is why the bactericidal effect is increased 1 million times (106) compared to normal treatments.



We do several checks to make sure the disinfection is successful.

Humidity levels are tested to ensure they are at the correct levels for disinfection.

Measurement strips are then used to measure the amount of disinfectant.

When these are at the correct levels, the Dry Misting system is applied for the time required to to destroy the bacteria and viruses.



At the end of the disinfection process, samples are taken from the same surfaces to verify the elimination of bacterial loads.

The swabs are delivered to an ACCREDIA certified laboratory which conduct the test following standardised protocols.

Post-sampling report PDF Download
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